Exclusive Group Travel Expeditions Worldwide

In Spring we escorted a group of Explorers on a journey throughout Italy. Our Explorers experienced many of the sights and tastes of Italy frrom Rome to Tuscany to Venice.

In September we chartered and entire riverboat in Europe to experience a Danube River cruise. Wow…was this amazing! Having a private ship all to ourselves sure makes a difference. Together with all of our Lake Country “neighbors” we cruises into quaint towns along the Danube to experience life like locals and learn more about their daily life. Of course we managed to have a lot of fun along the way with nightly entertainment and locally-sourced food that was out of this world!

In May we took a group of Explorers on a week-long trip around the entire landmass of Iceland. Our Explorers saw first-hand the diverse topogrraphy and weather conditions that is so unique to Iceland. Some even were able to climb on a glacier!


In June we embarked on an expedition to our nations capitol, Washington D.C.. Thru our private licensed guides, we were able to learn more about the history of our government and partake in several events including a tour of the Capitol as well as an evening performance of the ever-popular Twilight Tattoo military show.